Speed Monitoring System

This project was aimed at developing a prototype model for Traffic Monitoring System which can monitor the vehicles which crosses the speed limit at squares, highways and at the sensitive locations where speed limit is imposed by the Traffic Department. It is often found that managing road traffic is quite difficultjob. In spite of big efforts of the traffic department, it is difficult, especiallyin night, to catch the drivers who cross the speed limits at the squares. This Traffic monitoring System helps traffic department tocatch the drivers who cross the speed limits at the places where speedlimit is imposed.

I implemented this project by using embedded system which will transmit the vehicle number and its speed which can be received by the receivers at the places of interest. Received data, vehicle number and its speed, may be transmitted for further processing. System stores the vehicle number and calculates speed continuously. It will be able to transmit vehicle number and speed information when comes in the range of receiver at any point of time irrespective of differences in road traffic during day and night time.

The system was comprised of two modules - transmitter and receiver module. Transmitter module has a set of IR sensors for providing signals, a processor unit for processing these signals to determine vehicle speed and a RF transmitter-receiver pair controllable by the processor unit. The processor unit stores data specific to the vehicle and uses this information and the specific parameters measured for the vehicle for further processing by sending it to receiver module of the system.

The receiver module also has a RF transmitter-receiver pair for establishing wireless communication with the transmitter module. The processor unit of the receiver module checks the received speed information for violation. It also has a level convertor for interfacing the receiver module with a computer. Whenever a vehicle with speed violation is detected, the vehicle information along with the speed information is sent to the computer via the convertor for further processing.


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