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Lipo Lab

In this prototype, we have been asked to create a mod of arcade game published before 1985. All of our team members searched and concluded to make a mod on Tapper.

Our Producers and artists came up a game idea “Lipo Lab”. The idea was that doctors will sucking out the fats from the patients coming to the hospitals. And the doctor will make money out of the collected the fat ( more the fat, more money). We have been asked to use Flash for the development. And the most weird part was that none of the engineers ever worked using it. Interestingly, all three engineers started learning and came up with the first build using different APIs/Engine for Flash. It was really hard ass job for us to integrate all in one. Well we did it !!. Our awesome artists, created nice art work for the game. They were sync with the environment and they were really looking great.

After two and half weeks, our game was working but it requires certain polishing and integration. Our awesome producer, Cameron, asked us to come on a weekend to finish everything. And the weekend build was awesome. Everyone came early morning and left after finishing everything. Click here to download and play our game.

#GameDevelopement #Tapper #GameMod #ArcadeGames #Flash

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