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Bat Sim

This was the first prototype of the semester. We have been said, we will be making different games throughout the semester in the class. Hope it will be fun!! . Firstly, all of us were assigned to particular team comprising of producer, artists, technical artists and Engineers. The team I was assigned to was having five other members. In this prototype, we have been told that we will be getting some toys and we need to come up with a game idea out of it and build it using MonoGame technology.

And we got rat, bat and some spiders. All of us were confused what to make out of it. We discussed for like an hour and decided to make a Platformer game where our ‘Bat’ is the player which is lost somewhere and it has to reach to its home through a cave having rats and spiders (sounds good, it was having all the creatures from the toys).

After a week, one of our Engineer made the basic code base and we were able to move characters in the game. We also decide to include additional features in the game like Sonar, Bat can have higher view port if sonar is activated else it would have a lesser view port. With three and half weeks of work, we were able to play the game on our build.

On the last day, we did the postmortem.

#GameDevelopement #MonoGame #LevelDesign #PostMortem #RapidPrototyping

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